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Make Sharing Time with Your Child As Easy As Possible


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Splitting time with your child may not be the plan you had in mind, but it can work for both parties. However, if one or both parents decide to not follow the plans set in place, it can turn into a heated debate—fast. Make child custody go as easy as possible so less stress is placed on everyone, especially the children.

Child Custody 101
While it would be nice for divorce to be an amicable event, unfortunately, most of the time, it is an ugly battle, particularly when children are involved. Therefore, you need to make sure you are on your best behavior to receive a positive outcome in your child custody case.

Try to work together as much as you can with your former spouse in order to make the child custody agreement work. While you don’t have to be each other’s favorite person, you’re both parents to your child or children. Put on your brave face and try to get along for them.

Don’t speak negatively about your ex in front of the children—or anyone for that matter. If you need to vent, talk with a counselor or loved one in private. Emotions can cause us to say things we may not mean later. Plus, if you do need to go to court in the future, you need to have put your best foot forward prior to the hearing.

When you do have time with your kids, be there for them. While you can take them to the movies and such for fun, you need to also make sure you are supporting them in school and life, which means having them go to bed on time, make it to school on time each day, complete homework, follow the rules, and so on. You want to establish a healthy, stable life when they are with you at all times.

Are you having issues with your current child custody agreement? Contact our office today to learn how our team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers can assist you in your child custody case, as well as help you prepare for mediation.